Just a side not…I don’t like Clare, Eli, and Drew not because of all this Clew/Eli/Eclare crap but because of how pathetic of a character they’ve become as individuals

People who still support the stupidity of Drew, Eli, Clare, Tristan, Matlingsworth, Eclare, Clew, Drecky…and the “intelligent” storylines made by the writers…People who still support Degrassi

I may not be making gifs of the show but I’ll be making gifs of some of the casts now here ;-)

This show lost me when they killed Cam and then Adam. Not to mention how this season Zig became this bad boy without any explanation whatsoever. Every few years they get a resurgence and get back to being good but you are right this is not their year.

Agreed. This season has been dragged out for way to long and it needs to stop. I doubt the writers have any more ideas for this show which is why there plot lines suck.

So I’m seriously done with this blog and this insipid show I’ve spent years watching. The writers have lost all sense of brains and are completely useless when it comes to entertaining their fans, especially when they disrespect their characters this much.

The writers need to realize that its time to end instead of leading it on to be this piece of crap they are now showing.

I thank and love all of my fans!! Especially the friends I have on here


I hate that I wasted so much time on this show to watch them destroy characters that once meant a lot to me.


Congratulations to Clare Edward who lost all her morals. You won a guy who cheated on all his girlfriend, one who was your best friend supposedly. A guy who used a 15 year old girl as a rebound to hit and quit it. Let’s all clap for Clare she’s outdone herself congrats.



clare waited like 3 years to fuck eli and then she just fricked drew randomly

ok degrassi we’re buying that